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Me with finishing a CC race in the fall of 2015 (sweet runners face)
Me finishing a CC race with a sweet runner's face in fall 2015

My name is Mike and I was tired of messing with towels on my seat after my runs and workouts. Not only was it a huge pain but they didn't really keep the sweat from getting to my seats.

I did not want my seats to become stained and my car to smell like sweaty gym clothes. I tried some of the other options out there, but they did not really fit the bill, so I figured I would make my own and Dri Seats® was born.

After a lot of research, much trial and error, and the help of quite a few people, I created a waterproof, non-slip, washable cover that doesn't cost a fortune.

Dri Seats® is a small shop that I run from my home in Frederick, MD. I am very happy to be able to help out other sweaty athletes and active people that want to keep their cars from stains and gym smell!

Feel free to contact me through the form below.

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