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Dri Seats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Protect Your Seats From Sweat, Mud & Water

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When you live an active lifestyle, you don’t have time to waste. With our car seat covers, car seat damage is a worry of the past. Designed to be waterproof, sweat-proof, and super resilient, Dri Seats™ lets you relax about the car so you can continue scaling the insurmountable, making the extreme routine, and just squeezing the most out of your life.

Dri Seats™ seat covers are:
  • Completely waterproof
  • Universal fit for standard bucket seats (standard-sized front seats) at 58” x 29” *will not work on seats with seatbelts built into the shoulder
  • Designed with slip-resistant backing
  • Crafted with 100% machine-washable polyester
  • Entirely made in the United States.


Install your Dri Seats™ cover in seconds, and remove it just as quickly. Once you slide it over your headrest, the cover’s non-slip backing keeps it in place—and won’t scratch, scuff, stain, or discolor your seat. Our protective covers work for all seat materials, including fabric, leather, and vinyl.


Tired of scrubbing mud or sand off your seats? We’ve got you covered. Dri Seats™ have been pushed to their limits by runners, climbers, swimmers, bikers, surfers, kiteboarders, CrossFitters, and more. Aside from being easy to install and remove, our covers are designed to be just as tough as you are.


If your vehicle has a traditional seatbelt (ie. not built into the seat’s shoulder), then our waterproof cover will fit perfectly. Dri Seats™ slip onto any bucket seats—from SUVs and vans to full-size pickups, and everything in between. Made with thin, flexible materials, our covers fold and store easily.

Like to tackle challenges head-on? Crush damp, smelly car seats for good, and order your Dri Seats waterproof seat cover today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Fantastic Covers!

These are the best seat covers ever...washable, easy to slip on and comfortable. The backing keeps them in place which is so much better than a beach towel. The owner even tucked in a handwritten thank you note for my purchase! I am going to order for other runners in my family. Great product!


I very much like my seat cover. I am an old lady of 76 and like the way this cover went so easily on my car seat without any struggle.

Nice product

I waterski and it keeps my seat dry while I'm a little wet still. Plus it keeps my seat from getting hot from the sun light. Thanks

Best seat cover ever!

I bought these seat covers primarily for surfing. I need to drive back to where I stay after a session in the water while still wearing a wetsuit. Wetsuits retain a lot of water...even towels folded and stacked still allowed my cloth seats to get wet. With these covers nothing got through at all. Nothing. Perfectly dry. Unbelievable. And they are so thin, its like I don't even have a seat cover on. And speaking of seat covers...these are the only ones that actually fit. I have deep racing style recaro seats in my VW and normal seat covers are not made for these. The Dri Seat covers just slip on in a second and protect the seat without changing the feel of the seat and no hassle. They don't even interfere with my seat belts or any adjustment controls. Want to take them off...simply tug. They fold small and light and I can just keep them in the storage pocket behind my seat. Try that with any other cover. Honestly, these are very impressive in use. So simple and they work. They work perfectly to keep your seats dry. Cars should just come with a set of these!


Dri Seats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Keep Your Seats Free From Sweat, Mud & Whatever Else You Get Into