Will DriSeats™ fit my seats?

Most likely yes! Our waterproof seat covers are designed to fit cars and trucks of all sizes. The DriSeat™ fits any bucket seat with a traditional seat belt. Dri Seats have generous dimensions at 58" x 28" and will cover almost any seat. For the really big truck & SUV seats, we have our XL Dri Seats. At 62" x 28" they are perfect for the largest seats.

Measuring: If you are unsure you can measure your seats. Measure from the top of the headrest to the seat & from the back of the seat to the front. If those add up to 54" or less than the regular DriSeats will be fine. Longer than 54" we would recommend getting the XL so there is enough hang over the from of the seat.

Note: DriSeats™ do not fit bench-style seats or if your seatbelt is built into the shoulder of the seat.

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Will it damage my seats?

Not at all! We make our seat covers with soft materials, so they won’t tear or scratch your seats. The DriSeat™ also has a colorless, slip-resistant backing that will never damage your seat—no matter your seat type. 

What are DriSeats™ made of? Are they washer-safe?

Yes, they are! Designed to be flexible and versatile, DriSeats™ are made with 100% polyester—the soft material used in athletic jerseys. The backing is completely waterproof, and you can throw yours in the wash to keep it just as clean as your car seats.

Machine wash cold with like colors. Hang dry.

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Can I use DriSeats™ with heated seats?

Absolutely! Made of durable materials, our seat covers can take the heat. Their non-slip backing may even gain traction when heated. I use them with my heated seats in my car all the time.

I can't find the discount code box at checkout.

On a large screen like a tablet or desktop, the discount code box is on the right at checkout. On a small screen, it is hidden to start, but it is there. You have to click on "Show order summary" to find it.

Do your seat covers work for dogs?

Great question. You can use your DriSeat™ for pets, protecting from scratches and bites, and keeping your car seat hair-free. Just keep in mind that your pet probably needs to ride in the front. If this is the case, just have him buckle up!

Are there other uses for DriSeats™?

Certainly—turns out the DriSeat™ isn’t a one-trick pony! We’re delighted to hear all the innovative uses for our seat covers, including a family that uses them at the dining room table for a couple of messy toddlers, and a group of pioneers that started using them as waterproof blankets at outdoor concerts and sporting events.

Have you discovered another way to use your DriSeat™? Please reach out and let us know!

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