Waterproof Seat Covers For Your Car, Truck, or SUV


Excellent product

This exactly what I needed to protect my seat and seatbelt from soaking up my sweaty funk. Highly recommend


Seat covers

These seat covers have saved my seats over and over again. Easy to wash and get ready for the next day.

Rhonda E.

Dri Seats - Extra Long

These covers have worked great so far, use them 3 days per week post morning workouts. They are light, easy to fit and also remove. They have been so much more effective than towels because the Dri Seats are waterproof. I am very happy with this buy.

Leigh F.

Perfect Temporary Seat Cover

This was an affordable and a very practical option to contain my sweaty body and soaked clothing from reaching the actual seats. Kudos for the simplicity and effectiveness!

David G.

Saved my new upholstery!

I have used these seat covers for several years now to protect my seats from my post-run sweaty self. They are great at that, but I never expected them to hold an entire venti sized coffee with cream, that I spilled accidentally while exiting my new car. I didn’t even realize it until I got back to the car hours later. I carefully peeled the seat cover from the seat and was delighted to find a completely dry seat with every drop of coffee contained by the seat cover! A quick wring out on the ground and run through the wash and all is well. Customer for life!

P. Price
Easy to Use

Dri Seats® universal design fits any bucket seat with a traditional seatbelt. It takes just seconds to pull on and install your Dri Seats® cover. Removal for washing is even quicker!


Our waterproof, sweat-proof, quick-drying seat covers are made to take a beating ― with whatever you may get into. Put yours to the test, then just throw it in the wash before your next adventure.


Want to keep your car seats clean and dry, without the hassle of towels or blankets? Dri Seats® keep your car clean and odor-free after the gym, running the trails, the beach, or your normal workday.

Watch To See How Quick & Easy DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Covers Really Are