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Dri Seats Reviews

See what others are saying about Dri Seats Waterproof Car Seat Covers.

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Protects my leather car seat when transporting elderly parents. Already ordered another one.

Second purchase

Extremely satisfied with quality and function of first cover so I purchased a second. Great product!


Wanted a Seat cover that was easily remove . But would not slide off my seat. I clean pools so , I am in and out of my truck 20 times a day. And constantly I have to fix the bottom of the seat cover it keeps sliding off to the side Maybe because I have leather seats . That’s the part I’m not happy with .


Bought to use on my not yet delivered Tesla Model 3. They look and feel great

Waterproof Seat Protectors

Seat protectors worked as advertised. I use it after swimming and enter my car with wet shorts. My seat never gets wet. Seat protector does collect water from my shorts but I just hang outside for a while to let water drip off and It's ready to use again.

Not as expected

They slip around A LOT. My expectation for the price was not met😔. They slip and slide around the seats, trying to configure a way to keep them on the seats.

Awesome product!

Works exactly as I hoped. It’s a great product. Thanks!

Perfect protection for my truck seats!

While the standard sized DriSeats that I bought for my Subaru Forester "worked" in my Expedition, the extra long ones give total coverage without any worry of exposing the leather while getting into/out of the vehicle and moving the cover around as a result. Simple to take on/off, and fold up compactly enough to just stuff in the door pockets so they're always there!

seat covers

I got the extra large covers. Nice quality product and easy to fit/remove and clean. Totally worth the cost!

Seat belt covers

Because seatbelts are relatively standard width, I expected something a little more form fitting. These are bulky and not practical for ease of use. As a side note, I LOVE my seat cover, great quality and ease of use!


wow, i love my dri seats!! they work amazing. my car is not smelly or dirty anymore. it is so nice to have those after track/cross country practice when I am pouring sweat (especially in summer/fall in Louisiana)!!! I also got a sweet note from the owner! such a nice company! :))

Very happy with the covers

I did expect them to be a little thicker but this has not seemed to effect the performance. Very happy with the way they fit and work. Also seem to be holding up fine after laundering.

Exactly what I needed

Used them to cover my seats in my 2020 Toyota Tundra while on hunting trip and they worked as hoped.

Bought as a gift for daughter

I recieved as a gift last year and liked it so much I bought 2 for my daughter. We are both runners and it works great in the car after a run.

Great Protection From Post-ride, hike, workout Funk!

Towels get soaked (right through to the seats), and smell awful after a sweaty hike, mountain bike ride, or workout necessitating their removal and throwing them into the laundry when we get home. Then what happens? We forget to throw fresh ones in the vehicles. Yuck.

The Dri-Seats have been ideal in that they don't require a wash after every use, don't soak through, and fold up far more compactly than towels. We have two seat covers and two seatbelt covers stashed in the door pockets of both of our vehicles, so we're always covered! Rainy day? No more worrying about ruining the leather climbing in with water running off my rain jacket. Forgot that change of clothes after a ride? No problem. They couldn't be easier to use and stay in place far better than towels when you try and cram them under the headrest.

They bunch up!

So cute but too hard to pull down because they bunch up. I had to take hem off. Sorry.

Lauren’s seat covera

I bought seat covers from you for me and my wife in 2018 and we love them so I bought them for my daughter. We all use them after doing our gym workouts. We love the construction and the ease of laundering. We will continue to recommend them for friends and family! Thanks for a great product!