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Dri Seats Reviews

See what others are saying about Dri Seats Waterproof Car Seat Covers.

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Excellent product

I would buy this again in the future! Very happy.

Seat cover review

The seat covers cover the seats, but they don’t sit securely. They’d be better if they had some way to secure the seat part to the seat such as an elastic bottom.or Velcro strap

Good Try

Great idea! Wrong material for us.
Thank you though.

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

Not slip resistant on cloth seats!

The backing on the cover might grip on leather or vinyl, but not the cloth seats on my Silverado! I guess if I turn it inside out it would grip and look like Grandma’s plastic sofa cover!

Fro seat covers

This seat cover is amazing, works great. I do hot yoga and am completely soaked after the class, my seat stays perfectly dry. I also got the seat belt cover, a must, and also works great. Thanks for a great product, I was using a bulky tarp before this.


The seat covers are fantastic. I ordered the large to make sure to fully cover even the leg portion of my seat because I workout at an outdoor gym in Texas, so it can get heated. I had the seat cover in the back and some food was split on it, so I washed it on delicate in cold water and didn't dry it and ever since then, it hasn't been the same, it sticks together and I cant get it to fit on the seat :(, so be sure to not wash it in the washing machine.

Great product

I ride everyday , road bike. Just what I needed to protect my seat in my truck.

Just put them on and they are great

They work. Light weight. Very easy to place and remove quickly. Covers headrest. Exactly what I was looking for

Great sea cover.

This is my second Dri Seats cover. Works great and I like the piping on the new one. Highly recommend.

Just what we needed.

They fit great and dry fast.

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

Karrie S.

I like most aspects of the seat covers but don’t like how they don’t attach to the bottom part of your seat anywhere. They slide around a lot when I get in and out of the car.

Love it

Water proof, cover entire seat & more, the intense heat from the sun hasn't ruined it definitely recommend this product


This driseat is great love it really helps having a dry seat when it rains


A lot better than trying to use a towel that won’t stay in place. The seatbelt covers are nice too.

Great product, price and service

Very pleased with the product to protect car seats from sunblock at the beach. The customer service was excellent fulfilling our order when we had a minor snag with delivery and the price was right.

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

Perfect for the Ford F150

Have been looking for something I could use to protect my seats after gym days. Wanted something that was big enough for my F150 and the extra long fits perfectly. Paired with the seatbelt protector and I do not have to worry about damaging my Recaro seats.


Exactly as advertised!

Saves my butt

My car has black leather seats, which when baked in the summer sun all day will burn my backside. I leave my light gray DriSeat on, and my seat stays a much more comfortable temperature. It was very easy to mount in my 2005 Accord coupe, and the backing material has a sort of grippy texture that keeps it from shifting around at all. I haven't yet tested the water/mud-proofness of it, but I have no doubt that it will keep the leather underneath clean and dry. Very pleased!


I live 1/2 the year in Tahiti. So my car sits half the year wet. The other 1/2 its locked up and smells when I open it. I have searched high and far to find something that would fit my little car there. Your seat covers are PERFECT. Super easy and fast, on and off. Thank you

DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover