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Second set for second vehicle

I bought a second pair for my pickup. Love the first set. Washes up nicely. Keeps my seats clean.

Just what I needed

Perfect for my leather seats after a sweaty workout. With the over-the-headrest pocket and sticky backing, it does a good job of staying put. I was very impressed with the quick delivery and the handwritten card that came in the package.


My Dri-seat came exactly as advertised and works great in my car! It has been a life saver

Good but could be better.

Covers nicely BUT slides whe getting out or the car. Non-slip it isn’t. Must readjust upon entry. Seat belt anchor is covered so readjust. Irritating

Gave these as gifts to my husband & son. Both have said they are super easy to use, dry fast, store well & overall perfect after a muddy or sweaty workout.

Great covers

Exactly what I was looking far. Easy to put on and remove as needed. I do alot of trail work and trail running and needed something to keep the sweat and grime off my seats.

Sweat with confidence!

Have 2019 BMW X3 with beige leather. Bike, workout, sweat. With Dri Seats, no problem. Nice folks, too.

Good fit

Fit my titan xd very well
Kept sand and saltwater off my seats on our beach vacation.
Loved the personalized service and quick delivery.

Much better than I expected.

The reason for my 5-star rating of this seat is what everyone reviewed already.

Best seat covers for runners!

These are the best seat covers I've found. Traditional terry cloth holds moisture next to your skin, and doesn't protect your auto seats if you're really wet. These wick moisture from you, and completely protect your car seats. They're easy to put on, fit well, stay in place, and hold up beautifully when washed (make sure you hang dry them though). Both the standard and XL fit my 2013 Ford Explorer perfectly. I like them so much I've got 4 of them!

Keeps seats dry!

So easy to put on and take off. Comfortable material too that keeps our seats nice and clean!


I love my seat cover. It works and is very easy to use. Great product!

Reliable and easy to use!

I’ve used my seat cover every day during my summer marathon training! I’m so glad I have it... it’s protected my car seat very well!

Great Product, Performs as Advertised

I purchased my first DriSeats cover in June 2018, coinciding with my purchase of a new SUV with suede sport seats (2018 Audi SQ5). I needed something that would protect my seats from sweat after working out and from dirt/yard clippings after working outside. DriSeats perform exactly as advertised. If you are considering a purchase, do not hesitate, you will not be disappointed. I actually just purchased a second one in August 2018 for the times when I am mountain biking/exercising with friends and need to protect my passenger seat. Great product with great customer service. FYI...both of the DriSeats seat covers that I purchased are standard length in black.

They work as advertised

The extra long seat cover works great on my 2018 Tacoma. The covers are high quality and the ease of installation is an added bonus. The hand written thank you card was very nice. Once again great product and outstanding customer service.

XL Seat Cover (2 Stars)

This product is 2 stars based on my experience. I like the quality of the cover and how easy it was to install. What I don't like is the high price I paid thinking this product would be well thought out. My only issue with the cover is that the bottom material of the cover is very slippery and moves all over the seat bottom when entering or exiting the vehicle. As slippery as it is, I think I will go back to using a regular towel to keep my vehicle seats from getting wet after a hard workout. I think there are cheaper and better alternatives if you look around.

Standard Length - 2018 Mazda6

I bought a new car, a 2018 Mazda6, with white leather interior. So, obviously, I was very nervous about sweating, dripping, spilling, or doing anything other than sitting on these new seats. I had been using bath/beach towels to cover my seats, but I found that I had to layer multiple towels to prevent the sweat from just getting straight through the first towel and onto the seats. This is when I realized I need something more appropriate and intended for seat protection. My DriSeats are amazing so far. The top side feels like a soft canvas cover, and the underside is a sturdy, almost rubber looking material that protects everything from moisture. The simple but effective design makes it super easy to place over the seat. Unlike towels, I dont need to tuck it underneath the headrest anymore, and fiddle with it to keep it from falling down. Now, I just slide the DriSeat cover right over the head rest, and it obviously never falls down, but it also protects the headrest also!

My only comment to future buyers would be to be aware that the standard length may be a littleeee too short. It more than easily covers the seats in the perfect scenario, however, sometimes when I shuffle or adjust my seating position, the seat cover rides up the front of the seat and barely covers it. Still effective, but I would probably have felt more comfortable about complete coverage if I had bought the longer version.

Thanks for a great product DriSeats!

Great seat civer

Perfect for my Lexus RX 350. Does exactly as it says, fits well too.

Just What I Needed

The extra long seat cover works great on my 2018 Tundra, and keeps the leather seats dry and stain free. I use these covers after working when I'm dirty and sweaty, and they protect my seats and keep them clean. They are also easy to slip on and take off. Great product and great customer service. I highly recommend.