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fits easily, comfortable, waterproof, but it breathes. Very good for preserving the car seats for post-golf, or post-workouts.

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

Perfect solution for driving after a long workout

We use the DriSeats cover riding in our vehicles after long workouts. They help keep our car from smelling like a gym.

Second set

I ordered these for my jeep as the seats often are damp in the summer mornings with the top off. I liked them so much that I got another set for my boat. These are great and seem to be holding up to constant sun well.


I bought these because I was going to the beach. I needed something to protect my seats. I was amazed at how well these worked. Absolutely no water on the seat. Also, I loved the fact that you can take them off or put them on as needed. It was well worth the purchase.


I have a Nissan coupe with bucket seats . It was time to get new covers for my seats. My old seat covers were too short , not wide enough, and kept sliding off my leather seats. It had an opening that was huge at the top which went over the head rest to hold in place but never did. DriSeats are PERFECT !! They are nice and long , don’t slip off and head rest fits around my bucket seat . I definitely would recommend!!

Not so great

Material is good they just don't fit snug enough to be effective so kind of a waste.

Nice and big

Works well. Seat belt think not so much.

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

My favorite seat covers BY FAR!

These covers are the best for several reasons - 1) they are COMPLETELY WATERPROOF because of the material and there are no seams to leak, 2) they are also super easy to put on and take off allowing me to protect my nice seats when needed and enjoy the uncovered seats when I don't need the cover, and 3) they fold up relatively small and are easily stored in the door pocket and ready when I need them. Fantastic!

Eas not terry cloth. As advertised. Or so I thought

They actually work.

I ordered two of these for my jeep because I roll the dice from time to time in the spring and summer. I don’t want to cover the jeep unless I know it’s going to rain for sure. Within a week I was wrong again but these covers did their job. I’m very happy with them.

Perfect Fit & Quality

Love these! Perfectly sized to fit over any seat and get maximum coverage!

Love them!

Love my dri seats!!! Perfect, light weight, easy to wash and they fit nicely over the headrest and cover the entire seat!

These are awesome.

I’ve been using a towel on the seat after races for many years. These take up less space and keep the headrest clean too! They are pretty much perfect! Thanks to Ten Junk Miles for the recommendation!

Nice but doesn’t fit great.

It is a tight fit getting it on the console of my Subaru, but I think it will work as the elastic stretches over time. I got it because my dogs are in the back seat and step on the console and their toenails put little dents in the leather. Hoping this will help protect it some. My seat covers are awesome though, Can’t say enough good things about them.

Great product

I wanted to cover my 4 back seat belts to protect them from a dog who occasionally chews. Was going to spray some “bitter apple” anti-chew spray on them, but no need so far. They look great and so far DriSeats are doing the job of keeping the dogs away and protecting from dog hair & slobber.

Actually keeps seat dry!

I notice the difference compared to other seat cover products I have owned--DriSeats cover does not let ANY water pass thru!

Outstanding Product

I am very happy with my seat covers . I have used them twice , and the fit
is perfect !! Also outstanding costumer service

Fantastic Seat Saver for ANY Activity

We spent 5 days putting in a yard in NC for our son and wife. Our Ram truck leather seats were protected from the red clay, dirt/mud, topsoil, hay, sod, and sweat. No leftover stains or smells after washing. Highly recommend this product for ANY activity. I am ordering more for all of our family's vehicles. I already knew Dri Seats was good for my ultra trail running but now I have expanded the usage.

Great Product!

As advertised, it slips on over your headrest and covers your seat (not your seat controls) and its great for working our or beach/pool. It dries easily and gives you confidence you're protecting your seats. When not in use, they can be easily folded and placed in a small bag for easy storage. Great purchase, great product.


Adequate but not exceptional.

Exactly as described

Quality product, quality in shipping. Exactly as advertised.

Awesome product

We’ve purchased a number of these so we can have them in all of our vehicles. They are awesome. Keep the sweat and stink from working out of hockey practice off the seats. Highly recommend! Customer service & quick delivery we’re all positive

Not what I expected

Quality don't meet value spent.