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The BEST seat cover. Too Small for the console cover

DriSeat covers are the best for protecting my seats after hot yoga or cycling workouts and events. I highly recommend! The console cover is SUPER SMALL though. I’m not able to use it at all.

Love my Dri Seat

My pup travels with me everywhere and my Dri Seat protects the leather from the every day wear and tear. Worth every penny!


Why did I wait so long? My friend has had one for years. I finally ordered one for myself and my Dad. I love it! It shipped very fast and had a personal handwritten thank you note. I also purchased the seatbelt covers. I would recommend.

2nd time buying

I first bought these about 4 years ago for my F150 with cloth seats. They have held up fine and my cloth seats still look like new. As a matter of fact so my Dri Seats. I purchased another set but don’t need them yet. I bought to put on a shelf until needed in case they become hard to find like a lot of products today. I highly recommend these.

Works great

Fits my SUV great, provides excellent protection.

Great Product

I have bought multiple sets for different cars and employees. Great after a day of doing trail work and/or hiking.

Tundra easy on off seat covers

Great product and fits my leather 2020 Tundra bucket seats


I purchased 2. Easy to use and works great

Dry seats ex long seat cover

Works great for keeping my truck seats clean and dry. The top of the cover has a pocket which slips over the top of your seat. I wish it had some means to fasten it to your seat base to keep it in place. Customer service was very helpful. Very happy with my purchase

Great product

Ably does the job!

Bought my second one--one for both front seats. Second one for anyone with me after swimming or caught in a rain storm, both of which has happened. My first one stays on at least all summer long as I do a lot of outdoor sweaty work (drenched in sweat from the skin out!) in 90 - 100+ degree weather. All my seats have washable covers on them, intended to protect the seats from damage by items places on them or from superficial dirty things. Washing them is a bit of a hassle and they are only
washed once a year or so. The water proof covers are a breeze to remove, wash, and re-install. Because these covers are water proof, sweat and moisture doesn't get on the underlying seats and covers... and start stinking. I'm REALLY really liking these guys.

Complaints about these not staying in place while entering or exiting--these are not anchored with straps, etc. They're like a big beach towel hanging from the headrest. You get in, lift your butt, shift cover around as needed, and drive. That to me is a hugely inconsequential issue... because that means I can also quickly and easily throw it in the washer and reinstall it after drying. My sole priority on this matter is to keep my underlying seats and covers dry and stink-free--'nuff said.

Long time tjm listener

Listening to Scott talk about Dri seats week in week out..followed his advice and bought 2 long ones..and I’m super happy with them..thanks Dri seats for making such a great product, and thanks ten junk miles for turning me on to this great product

Ram seat covers

The covers are too slick on the back side. They want stay in place when entering and exiting the truck.

Second set!

Great product and customer service!


Great seat cover! I got the XL for my 2021 F-150 and it fits great! I am a HEAVY sweater and the cover is supper easy to throw in the seat after a MTB ride. It keeps my seats fully protected even when sweat is literally dripping off me. We got my wife a regular sized on for her 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L and it fits great as well. They roll up so small we keep them in the seat back pocket for easy access. The material Is great, sticks to the seat but is super comfortable to sit on. I just wish the XL size came in colors like the regular.

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

Seams were torn when I sat on them for the first time.

Oh no! I apologize that you had to deal with this. We will email you about a replacement right away. This definitely should not happen.

Too small

We have a full size truck and there was only one size for the console cover. It is way to small for our truck

DriSeats live up to their name!

Excellent product, keep my seats clean and dry (and stink free) after an outing on the Mountain Bike or trail run they keep the dirt and grime off my seats.


I bought 2. One for my work truck and the other for the van I drive to running events. I love them.

Dri-Seats for sure?

Very easy to slip on and off. Very durable. Great for when sweaty or if going for a swim at the lake. Great buy! Highly recommend!

Great item

My husband loves it for his captain's seat on the boat

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

Awesome product

Product was as described and I wish I would have know about these sooner!