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Never knew I needed these until I saw them.

I came for the seat cover and picked these seatbelt covers up as well. I have spent years driving home from a run holding the seatbelt away from my sweaty torso. These are a game changer. Easy to install and very comfortable when they are on. They do a great job keeping the sweat off my seatbelt.

Great product.

Easy to put on and take off when not needed. Fit great and absorb sweat well without getting wet and soggy. Very high quality. I am pleased.

Great seat covers!

I bought these as a gift for my Mother, but she loves them. They were exactly what she was looking for and she couldn't be happier.

Didn't work

Unfortunately, the seat covers will not stick to my seat, so every time I get in and out of my Jeep, they get all bunched up and stuck together.
I wasted my money, which is sad. Great idea, but just didnt work for me.

Perfect quick install cover

I have white leather seats and wanted a cover for daily rides when I have dark jeans. These are perfect since they just drop over the seats super easy and come off super easy. So far they hold up great. We will see how long!

Just what I needed to keep the driver’s seat clean.

Best seat covers on the market!

These covers are simple to take on and off, easy to wash and dry very fast. They cover the seat surfaces very well and keep seats dry and clean.

Most Awesome Seat Covers
These are perfect to use after exercise. I want to sit on my leather seats and not cover them when I'm clean. These covers are great and slip right on after exercising to protect the seat on the way home from sweat. They are waterproof and fold up and store in a small area like the pouch on the back of the front seat. I think they are awesome. Just what I was looking for for my new truck.

Dri Seats

Awesome product!! Great communication. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a quality seat cover to keep the seats looking like new.

Great Product

Works exactly as claimed and very easy to use!

Does the job well

It does what it’s supposed to, only thing, I wish it had something to help keep in place. Love the water proof

Great protection for leather seats in a new truck

Great seat covers protect seats from dirty work clothes and sweaty workout gear

DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Post Workout Seat Towel For Your Car

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Wrong color

Please be sure that you send the right color

Great product

Bought as a gift and was impressed with product. Got a nice handwritten thank you from the owner.

Amazing company

These seats are exactly what we were looking for. They are great quality and the handwritten note from the owner was a wonderful surprise. I will continue to order from this company

Works Great

Easy to install and remove. Does what it is designed to do keep your seats from getting sweaty and dirty.


The DriSeats Center Console works great when my English Mastiff is riding in the car and drooling all over. Julie

Awesome Product

This was my third purchase, two for me and one as a gift. Product is as described and works perfectly to protect my seat after a workout, yard work, etc. I also received a hand-written thank you note from the owner. Thanks for honoring customer service and providing a quality product.

Post Paddle Protection

These Dri-Seat covers are perfect to cover the seats after paddling and my clothes are wet. I’ve used these for over three years and still going strong and my seat upholstery is like new. I just bought a set for my daughter’s new car.


Just as described I LOVE IT

DriSeats Center Console Waterproof Covers

DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Post Workout Seat Towel For Your Car