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No more stinky seat belts

I specifically bought the seat belt Dri Seat (Dri belts!) covers. I am too lazy following my morning runs to change tops and usually end up driving home holding the seatbelt away from me so it won't get icky. When I heard about DriSeats from the Ten Junk Miles pod I knew I had to check these out. There are a ton of colors to choose from but I stayed with basic black. I just slipped these on my seat belt which was easy with with the Velcro and when ever I get in the car I adjust them as needed. I just wish didn't have seat covers from another company or I would also buy them from DriSeats too. Oh, and the personalized thank you card was very appreciated.

The absolute best!!!!!

This is a perfect product!! I have leather seats and don't want to get them sweaty and nasty. This seat cover is perfect. The company is awesome as well!

Too Small

To small and our dog slips off of it.

Overall good cover
Does slide around some and will stick to itself

Keeps seat dry, easy to install but very slippery on cloth

I bought these based on the Ten Junk Miles podcast reviews. I have a F-150 and the cover is easy to install and large enough. However I have cloth seats and struggle every time to figure out how to step up in the truck and sit down without it sliding all over the seat so they are a bit frustrating. I'll continue to look for a work around but would hope there is a known solution or maybe these are only supposed to be non-slip for leather. I'm conflicted on if this should be a 3 or 4 stars.

Good but lacking

I like the feel of cover it has a cloth like feeling unlike others that have a "plastic" feel. They are light weight and amazingly water proof. I like that i can machine wash them.
I wish though they would be wider. It's long enough to cover the seat but it's hardly wide enough when I sit down it gets pulled from the side an i have to be careful because then my arm pits are laying right on the seat cushion instead of the cover. Also I thought it would bring "sticky" stuff underneath to prevent it from sliding. It slides every where and i have to keep adjusting everytime I get in or out.

Extra Long DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Post Workout Seat Towel for Your Truck

Good product

They work great!
No more damp seats from sitting on towel after going to the pool each day


Easy on, easy off. Protects seats from wet clothes etc as expected. Doesn’t slip or slide and hasn’t hurt our leather seats. Exactly what we wanted and you delivered.

Keeps seats dry

I learned about dri-seats on the podcast Ten Junk Miles. These are perfect for trail runners, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Protects my truck seats from sweat, mud, and insect repellent after leaving the trailhead post workout.

Can't recommend highly enough!

Easy to stow away when not in use, easy to wash and take care of and more convenient than other options. No brainer (especially at just $40) and an absolute post-long run necessity

My Truck Has Never Been Cleaner

I use these seat covers after every run and my truck loves me for it. No seattle towels. Just dry clean goodness.

Easy, convenient, keep car looking clean

Last summer I ran into an issue where my seatbelt would get salty after runs, I put a towel down to protect the seat, but didn't know what to do to protect the seatbelt. I got a new car and did not want this issue to happen again. Enter Dri Seats. They've been great. Very easy to use and they dry quicly.

Easy to use

The materials are great and holding up to some rough use. Easy to slip on and off and covers everything I don't want to get sweat soaked.

Awesome length goes and thin and comfortable!

Great purchase!

Just what I was looking for! The covers are well made and sturdy, but light weight and foldable making them easy to store when not in use. Super simple design allows easy on and easy off with no spills of collected water or sand.Rolls up about the size of a compact umbrella.

Bought one, then bought another

This seat cover is just what I needed to protect my cloth car seats. Great for after a long hot sweaty run or right off the beach. I liked the first one so much, I bought one for passengers as well. The only issue is if you leave it in a hot car folded with the protective barrier against each other they will stick together pretty well. Fold it cloth against cloth!

Best Cover out there

I’ve been using these covers for 3 years now. I just ordered more for our other new car. It’s great for keeping your seats looking brand new with no sheen to the leather from body oil. If you’re active, Lake people, etc don’t worry about your seats anymore.

No funk now

The Ten Junk Miles podcast is always talking about these seat covers. Bought em, and now I'm a believer too!

Perfect for Running or the River

I love the cover. Easy to put on and take off. I use it after running and swimming at the river. Keeps the seats dry and is easy to clean! Will be buying another for the passenger seat!


Love these covers.
I've had a set in my car for 2 years.
Just ordered another set for my truck.
Well with it.
Outstanding Product!!

Good product.

Only problem is cover wants to slide around. Would be good if had some clips on bottom to keep it in place.

Dri seats

Very good quality product.
Service was EXCELLENT.

I love these seat covers

I have enjoyed using these seat covers so far. I've had them for a few weeks and have loved not burning the back of my legs on my car seat after a long run during the summer months. I've also enjoyed that they are easy to take off and stash if I don't want to have the seat covered. It was also really great to get a handwritten, personalized thank you note for my purchase. It's a reminder that there are some small businesses out there that really make nice products and have great customer service.

Love them!

Best item I’ve purchased in a long time. No more sweaty seats! I got drenched running in the rain this Saturday, but didn’t worry about driving soaked to the bone with the seat cover. Love the seatbelt covers too! Great product.....thank you Ten Junk Miles!!!