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The seat covers are great. Wish I had bought them sooner. And I really do appreciate the handwritten note that accompanies every shipment


Great product and excellent service. The handwritten thank you letter is something that you don't see very often and was much appreciated. Will recommend to everyone I know.

Great Idea to keep seats clean

Fits perfectly in my SUV and protects my seat after long, sweaty runs.

Great product

My first two Dri-seat covers lasted six years under hard use. Got the new version and it has some nice touches to the finished edge. Customer for life, these can’t be beat.

Absolutely amazing! Easy cleaning, quick install/removal, and keeps seats clean and dry after a bike ride!

Great Seat Covers

I have several of these seat covers and I have never been disappointed. I've bought for my personal cars and for friends as gifts.


Excellent seat covers! Love the simple design with no velcro or straps. Thanks Ten Junk Miles Podcast for recommending!

Great product!

Works exactly as described. I should have got these years ago!

After golf covers

Living and playing golf in Houston, These are great for protecting those new leather seats from my sweaty golf shirts and shorts. Quick and easy to install and two fit under the front passenger seat when rolled up.

Excellent Product

Gets the job done extremely well. Excellent purchase. Highly recommended. Keeps the seat protected from sweat.


Great product. Works as advertised

Great Protection for my front seat post workout!

Fantastic product, absolutely love it! Beforehand I was using a beach towel but the fact that this allows you to keep in place plus the type of material it is made of to add the right level of protection from my HIIT workouts simply hits the mark. Wish I had this years ago.

EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

I have done tons of research for covers for my 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Using a beach towel for the Alabama summer heat was getting really annoying. These covers take about 5 minutes to install and are perfect for top-down drives. Loved the first one so much, that I bought one for my passenger seat too. The best customer service.

I already had the driver seat covered. It worked so well I got the passenger and seat belts covered. For driving home after a workout it’s perfect


Works beautifully and love the color!

Best way to keep your car seats sweat free!

I really like the concept of the product and once I received it and started using it, I can definitely recommend this to all sweaty athletes that are looking for a way to keep their car seats clean and dry! I love the product and now juggling between my two cars and debating to get another! Quality is great, and will last a really long time! What are you waiting for, order yours today and see for yourself!

It works.

It works great, finished a workout in 80 degree heat and 70+ humidity, rode 25 minutes home, the seat is bone dry underneat. It's long enough so the back of your calves don't cause sweat on it either. 100% worth the buy.


I wish more companies worked as hard to gain and keep a customer happy!! Cant wait to try these Dri Sheet seat covers in a real world scenario.

You won’t be disappointed.

Wish I’d found these sooner. I’ve been struggling with trying to use beach towels and other things but none did the trick.
These are easy on, easy off (if needed), and stay in place. Haven’t washed them yet but not worried about that changing my mind about the seat covers. Would probably buy if they offered a back seat version!


I love my DriSeats seat belt covers
They're soft and stay put and don't irritate me when I'm hot

They are great wish you made a back seat cover

Love this%21

The DriSeat covers are absolutely amazing. My seat and seatbelt never get wet or nasty anymore. The covers are easy to care for too.