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Outstanding Product

I am very happy with my seat covers . I have used them twice , and the fit
is perfect !! Also outstanding costumer service

Fantastic Seat Saver for ANY Activity

We spent 5 days putting in a yard in NC for our son and wife. Our Ram truck leather seats were protected from the red clay, dirt/mud, topsoil, hay, sod, and sweat. No leftover stains or smells after washing. Highly recommend this product for ANY activity. I am ordering more for all of our family's vehicles. I already knew Dri Seats was good for my ultra trail running but now I have expanded the usage.

Great Product!

As advertised, it slips on over your headrest and covers your seat (not your seat controls) and its great for working our or beach/pool. It dries easily and gives you confidence you're protecting your seats. When not in use, they can be easily folded and placed in a small bag for easy storage. Great purchase, great product.


Adequate but not exceptional.

Exactly as described

Quality product, quality in shipping. Exactly as advertised.

Awesome product

We’ve purchased a number of these so we can have them in all of our vehicles. They are awesome. Keep the sweat and stink from working out of hockey practice off the seats. Highly recommend! Customer service & quick delivery we’re all positive

Not what I expected

Quality don't meet value spent.

Nice addition!

The center console cover is a fantastic idea! It’s a nice addition to my vehicles interior. Highly recommended!

Quality product

Exactly what I needed. Can put on or take off quick and easily, yet stay in place when using.

Decent Cover for Genesis GV60

This is a good cover, not a perfect fit leaving parts of the console available and has a tendency to bunch up given the way it attaches. Pretty good for the price.

Excellent product!

The blue gaiter masks I purchased are an excellent product! They are very useful and easy to clean.

Easy to use and clean

Simple solution to sweaty, stinky seats.


Too expensive for type of material quality...


Doesn’t fit at all.

Sorry that your console cover doesn't fit. Do you mind letting us know what vehicle you are trying to use this on

Awesome product!

Awesome product! Fantastic price and quality! Highly recommended!!

Easy Clean

Great product! Easy to install. Stays in place. Doesn't impede seat heat or air conditioning functions. Allows access to safety belt functions. Easy to remove. Easy to clean. My wife and I love them. Supports a "Mom and Pop" small business.

Dri Seats Gift Cards
Michel Morris
Great gift!

It’s very difficult to buy my husband gifts. He was super excited to get a Dri Seats gift card so he could pick out exactly what he wanted

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

DriSeats order review

I ordered black seat covers, seat belt covers, and the arm rest cover for a car. I’m giving the overall order 2 stars.

Arm console cover (5 stars). This item is great. It fits and protects nicely. Once installed it does not move. I would like to have it slightly as about a quarter inch ends up not being covered fully.

Seatbelt covers (3 stars). I’d love to give these a 5 star because they do work, however, the length of the cover prevents the seatbelt from fully retracting when not in use. You can imagine the seatbelt being closed in the door frequently. This doesn’t prevent use, and the seatbelt covers are effective at preventing the seatbelt from absorbing moisture and smells, but it does take some maneuvering to align the seatbelt properly when storing and using.

Seat covers - car size (2 stars). Overall these do what they are intended for - protect your seats from liquid and absorbing smells. My issues with them is that they move - a lot. Getting in/out of the car and even while seated and driving. The head cover part shifts causing the entire cover to move around and misalign. Also, the length for the car size is too short - the bottom forward most edge part of the seat is unprotected once I sit on the cover. As a reference, we purchased the XL size about a year ago for our truck and those seat covers do not move near as much and the length is perfect for a truck, or even a car size seat. The original ones are more “tacky” than these that I just purchased.

I hope this review helps when deciding to purchase the DriSeats covers and what size to get. They are functional and do what they are intended for - there are just a few things that would make them more enjoyable to have in my vehicle. If I purchased again, I would select the truck size regardless of vehicle for the extra protection.


Your product was much different than I expected. Much thinner not as much padding as I had expected and in my opinion a little too long IMG_2028.jpegYour product was much different than I expected. Much thinner not as much padding as I had expected and in my opinion a little too long.

The BEST seat cover. Too Small for the console cover

DriSeat covers are the best for protecting my seats after hot yoga or cycling workouts and events. I highly recommend! The console cover is SUPER SMALL though. I’m not able to use it at all.

Love my Dri Seat

My pup travels with me everywhere and my Dri Seat protects the leather from the every day wear and tear. Worth every penny!


Why did I wait so long? My friend has had one for years. I finally ordered one for myself and my Dad. I love it! It shipped very fast and had a personal handwritten thank you note. I also purchased the seatbelt covers. I would recommend.