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Dri Seats Reviews

See what others are saying about Dri Seats Waterproof Car Seat Covers.

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Bought as a gift for daughter

I recieved as a gift last year and liked it so much I bought 2 for my daughter. We are both runners and it works great in the car after a run.

Great Protection From Post-ride, hike, workout Funk!

Towels get soaked (right through to the seats), and smell awful after a sweaty hike, mountain bike ride, or workout necessitating their removal and throwing them into the laundry when we get home. Then what happens? We forget to throw fresh ones in the vehicles. Yuck.

The Dri-Seats have been ideal in that they don't require a wash after every use, don't soak through, and fold up far more compactly than towels. We have two seat covers and two seatbelt covers stashed in the door pockets of both of our vehicles, so we're always covered! Rainy day? No more worrying about ruining the leather climbing in with water running off my rain jacket. Forgot that change of clothes after a ride? No problem. They couldn't be easier to use and stay in place far better than towels when you try and cram them under the headrest.

Great product easy to put on and take off

They bunch up!

So cute but too hard to pull down because they bunch up. I had to take hem off. Sorry.

Lauren’s seat covera

I bought seat covers from you for me and my wife in 2018 and we love them so I bought them for my daughter. We all use them after doing our gym workouts. We love the construction and the ease of laundering. We will continue to recommend them for friends and family! Thanks for a great product!

They are just what I needed!

Perfect Item

Perfect item for my needs

Just what I needed

Awesome , so good I ordered a 2nd one!

Nice product does not slide off the seat when I get in and out. Better than the cheap seat covers that last just 6 months. Hopefully this will last longer.

Seat cover

Great product, I use it after cycling. Keeps seat dry and doesn’t slide around. Easy to take on and off seat.

Awesome item and loved the personal note.

Keeps New Car dry

Purchased dri-seats for a new vehicle. Has kept seats dry. Thumbs up!

Dri seats and seat belt wraps

I like the generous size of the seat guardalot

Excellent product

I would buy this again in the future! Very happy.

Seat cover review

The seat covers cover the seats, but they don’t sit securely. They’d be better if they had some way to secure the seat part to the seat such as an elastic bottom.or Velcro strap

Good Try

Great idea! Wrong material for us.
Thank you though.

DriSeats Waterproof Seat Belt Covers (2 pack)

Not slip resistant on cloth seats!

The backing on the cover might grip on leather or vinyl, but not the cloth seats on my Silverado! I guess if I turn it inside out it would grip and look like Grandma’s plastic sofa cover!

Fro seat covers

This seat cover is amazing, works great. I do hot yoga and am completely soaked after the class, my seat stays perfectly dry. I also got the seat belt cover, a must, and also works great. Thanks for a great product, I was using a bulky tarp before this.


The seat covers are fantastic. I ordered the large to make sure to fully cover even the leg portion of my seat because I workout at an outdoor gym in Texas, so it can get extremely hot. I had a mishap with my seat cover and when writing the review, the owner Mike reached out to me to ask what happen. Without any prompting, after hearing my story, he said he would be sending me a new cover. This company went above in beyond in every capacity of the manner and I absolutely love the product! If you are looking for a quality seat cover, definitely check them out. I also purchased the seatbelt covers.

Great product

I ride everyday , road bike. Just what I needed to protect my seat in my truck.

Just put them on and they are great

They work. Light weight. Very easy to place and remove quickly. Covers headrest. Exactly what I was looking for