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Just as described I LOVE IT

DriSeats Center Console Waterproof Covers

DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Post Workout Seat Towel For Your Car

Good, simple product produces by a company that really is for their customers.

I’ve bought 2 seat covers a couple years apart. I’ll buy more from this company as the need arises. The product does what it says, and in my opinion is much better than others that I have tried.

Love it!!!!

Keeps the seats neat and tidy, and the best part?
So easy to slip right on!!!
The best!

Dri Seat Seatbelt Protector

Hi, they work great to keep sweat off of the seatbelt but are cumbersome when trying to retract the seatbelt or put on the seat belt. Maybe I should have ordered a shorter length?


I do. This thing is perfect to get right in the car and go home without ruining the upholstery or stinking up the car with chlorine or old sweat. Just wrap it around you and sit then hang in the garage to dry.

Great product

I just bought a new truck and it’s the start of trapping season. I’m in and out of the truck several dozen times a day with wet waders. The seat cover provides perfect protection from the wet and muddy conditions. I couldn’t be happier.

Great seat protector for families with special needs kids

We have purchased 6 of these to protect our vehicle seats from the little messes we experience with our son. Great product and great supplier.


The covers are so easy to use and protect the seats perfectly! I would recommend these to everyone!

Love it.

I am concerned about the plastic backing. Will it be okay on heated seats?

Yes it will! I use mine with my heated seats.

Great Product & Service

More than happy with my Dri-Seat. Bought one as a gift for a friend too. Super service.

Love my Dri-Seats

This is a must-have item if you into surfing. Seawater and leather don’t jive well (seats will eventually dry out). But, I’m no longer worried because my Dri-Seats are amazing. Such a simple simple idea, yet very effective at protecting your investment.

Dri seats

We’ve bought these before and love them. My husband works in his truck and other guys ride with him. So when we go somewhere all you have to do is easily remove the covers. Which is better than seat covers you can’t or won’t move every time because it’s a pain to remove regular seat covers. These slip on and off so easily

DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Post Workout Seat Towel For Your Car

This one works!!!

This Dri Seat product is better than I expected. I bought two. One for my truck F150 and one for my daughter's Outback. We both are super happy with it. Her and I come back sweaty after our long runs. This cover is easy/fast to install, it stays in place, covers everything and the seat belt cover ensures nothing gets wet. Removing it is also easy.

Could be a tad bigger all around and a bit wider , slides more than I thought BUT overall keeps my seats dry!!

Love these!

This product works great as most days I do hot yoga and I don't want to get back in my car all sweaty. They fit my Porsche 911 seats perfectly and they wash great in the washing machine.

I love this thing

Easy on easy off! This seat cover is amazing. No

Does the job.

These seat covers are nice because they go over the headrest to keep it in place. DO NOT put these in the dryer as the company says. One of mine accidentally ended up there & now the plastic back sticks to itself but it is still useable. The 20% discount if you buy two or more is also very nice as they have gone up in price.

Awesome product

Great way to keep my seat from getting dirty and soaked after mowing all day. Highly recommend

Don't Waste your money

Waste of money thought it was gonna be cushionyor plush. It was just a piece of fabric with Velcro. Nd it didn't stay in place constantly have to re adjust.

I underestimated what I was getting. I am trying to make them work with elastic straps and Velcro. I do not believe I am a complainer. Not what I hoped for.

Great concept, little value

Just use a towel. The problem with this is that when you unclip the seatbelt, it gets bunched up or doesn’t allow the seatbelt to retract. So you end up having to remove all the time. It’s fairly painful to put on. Could be better with some more thought into design.