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Best seat covers ever!

After trying large towels, terry cloth covers, tarps, and even an oversized micro-fiber towel to cover my car seat, I purchased a DriSeat cover and hoped for the best. The decision to purchase a DriSeat cover was the best solution I could have made! It fits, it works beyond my expectations, its well made, and the cost was very reasonable. Thank you, DriSeats, for a wonderful product.

Carefree Coverage

These seat covers are perfect for quick on and off coverage. I live on a farm and use my vehicle that has off white seats for everything. From carting mulch and litter to going out on the town, these covers go on and off in a snap.

Great Product

This has been easy to use. Keeps my seats sweat -free after workouts!


I absolutely love the dri-seat. It protects my seat perfectly when I am a sweaty mess after exercise. It drapes on the seat nicely and does not gather when you go to sit down in the car. In addition I received a handwritten letter thanking me for my purchase. This is unbelievable customer appreciation. I plan on purchasing a dri-seat for upcoming birthday gifts and Christmas presents. Thank You!

Seat Protection

This product is EXACTLY what I needed. I have been looking for a durable, washable seat cover for all of my cars.....daily drivers as well as 6 vintage cars. They are perfect for driving home from the gym after a workout and or keeping the seats protected when a car is out for service. They are high quality and durable. I ordered 8 to be able to keep one in each of my vehicles.

Amazingly built strong

Look I showed mine to an upholstery company they want to order some and put company name on each unit to give to each customer

Just what I was looking for but...

This is the product I was looking for to protect my seats after working out at the gym or riding my bike. It’s already fulfilled that function well. However there are a couple of things that would help to make this product better. Essentially the product is a flat cape style design. It tends to slip around. It could do with having a loose fitting around the seat vs the flat drape. It’s also a little pricey. I like the product and it does the job well, it could be a little better though and is close to 5 star


Dri Seats® Waterproof Seat Cover - Protect Your Seats From Sweat, Mud & Water

No nonsense protection

Lightweight, simple, quick. Seat heaters still warm. Perfect


So easy to put on and remove from seats. Great for going to beach or coming back from nasty work. Keeps seat dry and clean. Would be great under childs carseats also to protect seats. Wish you made benchseat covers for my truck too. Thankyou

Perfect for beach families!

We live at the beach, kids on surfing team, etc. and I often drive my kids friends home from the beach. There have been many times they forgot towels, and these covers have saved my car seats from water and sand! They are so quick and easy to put on and fold up and store in my trunk. Great price too! I would love to have one for my bench seat as well! Loved loved the hand written thank you note, receiving it made my day! Am telling all my friends to buy these!

Good product

Good product use for work easy on easy off. So much better than using a towel.

Work great under child seats

My son got sick and this caught all the “sickness” just washed it and good as new

My daughter-in-law loves it.

Picked this up for a Christmas gift for my DIL. She was so happy to receive it. She can now keep her seat clean after the gym or sports. A quality product at a great price and good people run the company.


Keeps the seats dry from the gym and truck stays clean.


I like the seats but made the mistake of putting one in the dryer and the plastic all stuck together. My fault I guess, the directions said you could put it in the dryer but on low heat. I had it on medium heat. I will order another one to replace it.

Wish I got the longer one

I love the ability to take off and put on quick. But, it slides off easily when sitting which gives it one less star. My car is compact and the fit is just right. Prob would be best to get the long version to avoid the seat ‘nip slip’. Wahhhhh

Always dependable protection

Third purchase for vehicle protection for active outdoor life; swim, bike, polar plunge, whatever. Seats stay clean. Floorboards are a different matter....


Dri Seats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Protect Your Seats From Sweat, Mud & Water

So far so good

I use the Dri Seats cover to keep my Bimmer's leather seats clean and dry after I workout.

They seem to be working as advertised.

Haven't washed them yet, so I can't speak to the durability, but I am pleased so far.

Thumbs up

Great. Easy to use and protects my seats from sweat. Delivered quickly with a hand written note that I was very impressed with.


Very personable with hand written note. Thank you from one small business to another. Merry Christmas

Great seat covers!

I bought these covers to protect our clothes from dog hair. I am impressed by the prompt delivery, personal note that was included in the box and the great job the seat covers do protecting our clothes from dog hair! I hope the company makes little covers for the arm rests. I would buy those if they did.


Great product. My order was delivered within 5 days to Hawai‘i. Easy to put on the seats. They do move around a bit but this would not deter me from buying them. They keep the seats completely dry.

A Real Seat Saver

I ordered one seat cover for my new Mini Cooper Countryman, I wanted to make sure it fit good and had good coverage before ordering another one for the passanger seat. Well it fits great and I like the fact it has a deep pocket to slip over the headrest to keep the cover from sliding down. As of this writing I'm ordering another one for the passanger seat and one for my Hummer H3X.

Works great

It fit the bucket seat of our 2015 GMC Arcadia just right. I’m glad I when with the longer one. It is thinner than I thought it would be which is good. It does stay in place fairly good considering the waterproof backing.
I would buy it again.

Works but slides in seat

Works as promised but slides in seat/doesn’t stay in space. Needs adjusting one you’ve sat in seat.


Dri Seats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Protect Your Seats From Sweat, Mud & Water

We love our Dri-Seats!

My husband and I each got a black dri-seat and we are loving them! They are thin but very durable and well-made. I love that my clothing slides easily across the smooth side and there is zero slip off the seat side. They are coming in so handy for rainy days, sweaty drives from the gym and laid across the backseat for our hairy dog who seems to find every muddy puddle on the running trail. I also love that they are easy to pull off and throw in the washer. They stay put without annoying straps and buckles. We love them!

Time will tell.

Qhat is the warranty on this? Cover seams to be light in construction. If it holds up great hoqwver if it is going to start coming apart in 3 months not so good

Fantastic Covers!

These are the best seat covers ever...washable, easy to slip on and comfortable. The backing keeps them in place which is so much better than a beach towel. The owner even tucked in a handwritten thank you note for my purchase! I am going to order for other runners in my family. Great product!


I very much like my seat cover. I am an old lady of 76 and like the way this cover went so easily on my car seat without any struggle.

Dri Seats

I received the product very quickly. It had a personal hand written note which was a nice touch that someone took the think to thank me for the purchase. The product performs great. Easy to put on and take off. Feels durable and does not slide around. Would suggest they make covers for bench seats. Happy with purchase.

Very Handy!

I love my new extra long dri seat waterproof seat cover. It easily slips over my car seat and comes off easy too when I get home from the gym. Washes nicely. Thanks for the speedy delivery!

Nice product

I waterski and it keeps my seat dry while I'm a little wet still. Plus it keeps my seat from getting hot from the sun light. Thanks

Love the MD flag

Dri Seats work great, super easy and keep my car smelling/looking nice!

Best seat cover ever!

I bought these seat covers primarily for surfing. I need to drive back to where I stay after a session in the water while still wearing a wetsuit. Wetsuits retain a lot of water...even towels folded and stacked still allowed my cloth seats to get wet. With these covers nothing got through at all. Nothing. Perfectly dry. Unbelievable. And they are so thin, its like I don't even have a seat cover on. And speaking of seat covers...these are the only ones that actually fit. I have deep racing style recaro seats in my VW and normal seat covers are not made for these. The Dri Seat covers just slip on in a second and protect the seat without changing the feel of the seat and no hassle. They don't even interfere with my seat belts or any adjustment controls. Want to take them off...simply tug. They fold small and light and I can just keep them in the storage pocket behind my seat. Try that with any other cover. Honestly, these are very impressive in use. So simple and they work. They work perfectly to keep your seats dry. Cars should just come with a set of these!


Dri Seats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Keep Your Seats Free From Sweat, Mud & Whatever Else You Get Into

Effective and very easy to use

Being a hunter, fisherman and surfer means lots of sweat, mud, saltwater and sand on the trips home. Your Dri Seats are the best thing I've found for effective barrier to protect my fabric truck seats and for ease of use. Just drape and drive!

Seat Covers

I purchased 2 of the dri-seat covers and received them promptly. I have had them for 3 weeks or so. I think they do a good job protecting the seats from the sun as well as sweating etc. I do agree with other reviews I have read in that they have to be adjusted to the seat almost each time You enter the car car due to slipping on the seat. Other than that a good product..

Wheelchair User

I use my cover on my wheelchair when I get out of the pool. I love it.

Best seat cover ever!

This seat cover is so easy to take on and off, and keeps your seat dry even after swimming and getting back in your car with wet clothes on. Also works great for not sitting on a hot black leather seat after you car has been sitting in 95 deg temps all day.