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Good product.

Only problem is cover wants to slide around. Would be good if had some clips on bottom to keep it in place.

Dri seats

Very good quality product.
Service was EXCELLENT.

I love these seat covers

I have enjoyed using these seat covers so far. I've had them for a few weeks and have loved not burning the back of my legs on my car seat after a long run during the summer months. I've also enjoyed that they are easy to take off and stash if I don't want to have the seat covered. It was also really great to get a handwritten, personalized thank you note for my purchase. It's a reminder that there are some small businesses out there that really make nice products and have great customer service.

Love them!

Best item I’ve purchased in a long time. No more sweaty seats! I got drenched running in the rain this Saturday, but didn’t worry about driving soaked to the bone with the seat cover. Love the seatbelt covers too! Great product.....thank you Ten Junk Miles!!!

The perfect solution!

Easy to put on and off my car seat and doesn’t move around. Super easy to store under the seat when not in use. Wicks away moisture and drys quickly! Goodbye old car towel!


Love the dri-seats! Very nice to sit on after a long run!

Would recommend to tennis players and golfers.

It covers the entire seat of my Buick Cascada. I use after tennis in south Florida and like the fact that it doesn’t get hotter in the sun when I drop the convertible top. I ordered the beige color since it matches the leather seats. And it self folds (well, it drops in a small heap behind the seat.)


I waited a few months to write this review so I could speak from experience. These seat covers cover my entire seat with some extra length to protect against sweaty legs touching the seat and they work! Customer service is tops. Buy with total confidence.

great covers

does exactly as described...like the fact that they can easily be taken off to be thrown in the washer, for a nice clean reset

No more soggy seats!

Great product. So simple to use! No reason to ever soak your seat again.


This is the second set of these dri seats I have. I bought 2 for my car and one for my wife’s. I am a heavy sweater when I work out and I would have to steam clean my seats often. Now I only have to wash the Dri seat ever few days. I love it. Highly recommend them for all activities!

Extra Long DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Post Workout Seat Towel for Your Truck

Haven’t really put them to the test!

They could be of a thicker material! They tend to get stuck together (Wrinkled)! Other wise I will find out when I spill something or have a sweaty workout!

Dri seat customer

Seat cover works very well, durable, exactly what I needed, good design. Length appropriate and not too long.

Dri seat covers

Excellent. Love them. I’ve now ordered 6

Great Product for Kitesurfing in the winter :)

I often find myself too cold to take off my wetsuit in the winter and end up driving home in it... I use to use a small tarp up until I found Dri Seats. Dri Seats cover is super easy to put on/off the seat, folds up easy lit to a small package that fits in the back of my seat. It dries quickly, and as advertised, once placed on the seat it stay’s in place and doesn’t have the annoying crinkle sound that my old tarp did. Thanks for offering it!


Pretty disappointed with the covers. They are very easy to put on and remove, as advertised.
However, they slide and twist on the seat cushions and backs every time I get in or out of my vehicle.
I have to reposition them every time they are used.
Unfortunately I would not recommend this product.

Exactly What I Needed

These seat covers are absolutely perfect- easy to put on and take off so I can throw them in the wash. They keep sweat and dirt off my brand new car seats after a long hike.

Belt covers

Nice idea but is a real hassle to pull your belt over, and adjust cover the whole time!? Terrible. Still trying to use but wouldn’t waste money again

Its not intuitive how to use. The top pocket obviously fits over the top of the seat but its difficult to hold the bottom part in place on my slick leather seats.


Great material! Great price! Perfect for a new car with have a toddler.

Great quality and fit. It does a great job protecting my driver seat from all the sweat that I generate working out at the gym

Extra Long DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Post Workout Seat Towel for Your Truck

Extra Long DriSeats Waterproof Seat Cover

The prompt response to a product inquiry before purchasing was a positive indication of their commitment to customer satisfaction. The Extra Long DriSeat was the right choice as it provided plenty of "drop" at the front edge of my sedan's bucket seats. Great tracking updates were provided during the shipment period.