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Does what they say they would do. Could be better...

The waterproof seat covers are great at protecting the leather. It would be great if they were more tailored to the shape of sport seats. They bunch up at the top of the seat because they are made for all types of seats.

Covers entire seat and is completely waterproof

I bought a DriSeat cover for my new car that I use to transport individuals who suffer from occasional incontinence due to medical conditions. I purchased the large size and am always able to completely cover my car seat. No accidents!

Work great

Shipped quickly, love the personal note. Easy to throw over the seat after a gym workout. Seems sturdy and should last a while. Hopefully will keep my car from smelling like sweat this summer!

Exactly what I was looking for!

Amazing Seat Cover

I purchased this seat cover for my 2019 Toyota Tacoma. I needed something to protect my seats from sweat and water after an intense workout, or anything else that might ruin the seats. The fit is perfect. I ordered the extra long because I wanted to make sure the entire seat was covered. I could have probably ordered the regular size and it would have worked as well. Either way you can’t go wrong. I strongly recommend Dri Seats, excellent product and fast shipping.

No more stinky car!

Love these dri seats. Easy on, easy off! My husband and I train for triathalons. So if we are not wet from swimming then we are sweaty and stinky from biking and running. Our old cars smelled like a gym locker room. When we got our new cars I purchased the dri seats for us both. We are sooo happy with them!! :)

Love it

Being a swim instructor in California, my summers are busy with lessons going house to house which means driving in my swimsuit. I used to use towels on my car seat but the water just seeps right through. After buying Dri Seat, it has made my drives so much more easier and keeps my car seat dry! I bought black to match my black car seat. Easy to slip on and the quality is nice. Happy to hear we can machine wash them, too!

Dri seat for Tesla x

It was slippery and too short for my car

Cover trouble

Great color, But cover is very slippery and slides around !

Excellent product

We bought these for friends who really liked ours. He works outdoors in snowy, rainy weather & is thrilled to have a great product to protect his new car seats.

Great fit and great protection

I had a hard time finding something that would protect the Recaro seats that came in my car. The large bolsters on these seats would remain exposed with most covers I found on the market. The XL DriSeats covers fit nicely and have enough overhang to protect my seats, they were exactly what I was looking for.

Awesome Seat Cover

I own a Lawn & Landscape Company. This product has been great so far. Easy on and easy off. I’m waiting for the Hot Texas Summer to really put it to the test!

Easy and Affordable

DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Protect Your Car Seats after the Gym, Runs, Swimming, Biking, Yoga, Surfing & Beach Trips

DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Protect Your Car Seats after the Gym, Runs, Swimming, Biking, Yoga, Surfing & Beach Trips

Fantastic protection for a sweaty hot yogi!

After a lot of research I ordered these for my new MB G550, and I'm extremely happy and impressed with them! LOVE that the "hood" slips over the headrest and they're essentially installed. We give them a little tuck where the seat meets the back, and there's minimal creeping. Frankly, I wouldn't want them to be so tacky that they stick to my seats, and they're sized generously enough that you have complete coverage anyway. I'll be recommeding them to my friends, that's for sure! I love supporting independent businesses, and the personal note and communication from the owner were sincerely appreciated. Well done!

Excellent product

Great seat covers. Easy to take on and off, soft and fit well.

Dri Seats

I received my second order of Dri Seats that are planned as gifts to my adult children. They arrived promptly and I'm very pleased. Hoping they will find them as useful as I do with mine! Thank you very much. Great quality and I just can't promote them enough! To be able to sit in my car seat and not soak it either with sweat or water from a beach day makes driving home comfortable.

Great product

Love the seat covers easy on easy off for when you need them and don’t need them. One thing I’d change is the material on the bottom part of cover it makes the cover slip and slide on the seat when getting in and out of truck. Other than that one thing love the covers they do their job


Great functional product.

review of product

The item works very well keeping seat dry. I would like for it to fit/stay in place on the seat. The back holds nicely, but the sides tend to slid. Thanks

Excellent Product

I bought this for my son who is a truck driver. His seat is cloth and in hot Florida summers sweating is bad enough but into those cloth seats is pretty smelly. This cover is great because it can be washed. He is very happy with it. Thank You.

Second set for second vehicle

I bought a second pair for my pickup. Love the first set. Washes up nicely. Keeps my seats clean.

Range Rover

Great product. Great customer service.

Just what I needed

Perfect for my leather seats after a sweaty workout. With the over-the-headrest pocket and sticky backing, it does a good job of staying put. I was very impressed with the quick delivery and the handwritten card that came in the package.