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Extra Long DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Post Workout Seat Towel for Your Truck

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Protect Your Truck Seats After Your Workout, Yoga, Surfing & Beach Trips

The 62" Extra Long DriSeats™ are designed for those who are a bit taller than most or drive a larger vehicle like an Escalade. If you drive a large truck or SUV, keep your headrest high or have thigh extensions on your seats, the 62" Extra Long Dri Seats® are for you.

When you live an active lifestyle, you don’t have time to waste. With our car seat covers, car seat damage is a worry of the past. Designed to be waterproof, sweat-proof, and super resilient, DriSeats™ lets you relax about the car so you can continue scaling the insurmountable, making the extreme routine, and just squeezing the most out of your life.

XL DriSeats™ seat covers are:

  • Completely waterproof
  • Easy to Use - Install & remove in seconds
  • At 62” x 28” XL DriSeats™ provide a universal fit for large bucket seats or those with high headrests or thigh extensions
  • Designed with slip-resistant backing
  • Crafted with 100% machine-washable polyester
  • Entirely made in the United States.


Install your DriSeats™ cover in seconds, and remove it just as quickly. Once you slide it over your headrest, the cover’s slip-resistant backing keeps it in place—and won’t scratch, scuff, stain, or discolor your seat. Our protective covers work for all seat materials, including fabric, leather, and vinyl.


Tired of scrubbing mud or sand off your seats? We’ve got you covered. DriSeats™ have been pushed to their limits by runners, climbers, swimmers, bikers, surfers, kiteboarders, CrossFitters, and more. Aside from being easy to install and remove, our covers are designed to be just as tough as you are.


If your vehicle has a traditional seatbelt (ie. not built into the seat’s shoulder), then our waterproof cover will fit perfectly. DriSeats™ slip onto any bucket seats—from SUVs and vans to full-size pickups, and everything in between. Made with thin, flexible materials, our covers fold and store easily.

Like to tackle challenges head-on? Crush damp, smelly car seats for good, and order your DriSeats™ waterproof seat cover today!

        Protect your seats and your wallet.

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        90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

        If you don't completely love your DriSeat™, you can return it within 90 days of your purchase, no questions asked. We encourage you to test it, and we welcome any feedback you may have. Our goal is to continually evolve and improve our waterproof seat covers to deliver the optimal customer experience -- keeping your seats and your mind at ease.

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        Will DriSeats™ fit my seats?

        Dri Seats have generous dimensions at 58" x 28" and will cover almost any seat. For the really big truck & SUV seats, we have our XL Dri Seats. At 62" x 28" they are perfect for the largest seats.

        Measuring: If you are unsure you can measure your seats. Measure from the top of the headrest to the seat & from the back of the seat to the front. If those add up to 54" or less than the regular DriSeats will be fine. Longer than 54" we would recommend getting the XL so there is enough hang over the from of the seat.

        Note: DriSeats™ do not fit bench-style seats or if your seatbelt is built into the shoulder of the seat.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 174 reviews
        Carolyn Sydnor

        I have a Nissan coupe with bucket seats . It was time to get new covers for my seats. My old seat covers were too short , not wide enough, and kept sliding off my leather seats. It had an opening that was huge at the top which went over the head rest to hold in place but never did. DriSeats are PERFECT !! They are nice and long , don’t slip off and head rest fits around my bucket seat . I definitely would recommend!!

        Jeremiah Brenner
        Nice and big

        Works well. Seat belt think not so much.

        Bud H
        My favorite seat covers BY FAR!

        These covers are the best for several reasons - 1) they are COMPLETELY WATERPROOF because of the material and there are no seams to leak, 2) they are also super easy to put on and take off allowing me to protect my nice seats when needed and enjoy the uncovered seats when I don't need the cover, and 3) they fold up relatively small and are easily stored in the door pocket and ready when I need them. Fantastic!

        Perfect Fit & Quality

        Love these! Perfectly sized to fit over any seat and get maximum coverage!

        Maria T. Gonzalez
        Not what I expected

        Quality don't meet value spent.