Extra Long DriSeats™ Waterproof Seat Cover - Protect your Truck & SUV after the Gym, Runs, Swimming, Biking, Yoga, Surfing & Beach Trips

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The 62" Extra Long DriSeats™ are designed for those who are a bit taller than most or drive a larger vehicle like an Escalade. If you drive a large truck or SUV, keep your headrest high or have thigh extensions on your seats, the 62" Extra Long Dri Seats® are for you.

When you live an active lifestyle, you don’t have time to waste. With our car seat covers, car seat damage is a worry of the past. Designed to be waterproof, sweat-proof, and super resilient, DriSeats™ lets you relax about the car so you can continue scaling the insurmountable, making the extreme routine, and just squeezing the most out of your life.

XL DriSeats™ seat covers are:

  • Completely waterproof
  • At 62” x 28” XL DriSeats™ provide a universal fit for large bucket seats or those with high headrests or thigh extensions
  • Designed with slip-resistant backing
  • Crafted with 100% machine-washable polyester
  • Entirely made in the United States.


Install your DriSeats™ cover in seconds, and remove it just as quickly. Once you slide it over your headrest, the cover’s non-slip backing keeps it in place—and won’t scratch, scuff, stain, or discolor your seat. Our protective covers work for all seat materials, including fabric, leather, and vinyl.


Tired of scrubbing mud or sand off your seats? We’ve got you covered. DriSeats™ have been pushed to their limits by runners, climbers, swimmers, bikers, surfers, kiteboarders, CrossFitters, and more. Aside from being easy to install and remove, our covers are designed to be just as tough as you are.


If your vehicle has a traditional seatbelt (ie. not built into the seat’s shoulder), then our waterproof cover will fit perfectly. DriSeats™ slip onto any bucket seats—from SUVs and vans to full-size pickups, and everything in between. Made with thin, flexible materials, our covers fold and store easily.

Like to tackle challenges head-on? Crush damp, smelly car seats for good, and order your DriSeats™ waterproof seat cover today!

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 30 reviews
        Keeps seat dry and clean.

        Don't worry about seat now.

        They work as advertised

        The extra long seat cover works great on my 2018 Tacoma. The covers are high quality and the ease of installation is an added bonus. The hand written thank you card was very nice. Once again great product and outstanding customer service.

        XL Seat Cover (2 Stars)

        This product is 2 stars based on my experience. I like the quality of the cover and how easy it was to install. What I don't like is the high price I paid thinking this product would be well thought out. My only issue with the cover is that the bottom material of the cover is very slippery and moves all over the seat bottom when entering or exiting the vehicle. As slippery as it is, I think I will go back to using a regular towel to keep my vehicle seats from getting wet after a hard workout. I think there are cheaper and better alternatives if you look around.

        Just What I Needed

        The extra long seat cover works great on my 2018 Tundra, and keeps the leather seats dry and stain free. I use these covers after working when I'm dirty and sweaty, and they protect my seats and keep them clean. They are also easy to slip on and take off. Great product and great customer service. I highly recommend.

        Great Customer Service after problem

        I really like this product. I bought 2 XL dri-seats for my new utility vehicle. However, the washing instructions did not mention anything about not putting these in the dryer. After a workout, I put these in the washing machine and subsequently in the dryer. The dryer completely ruined the seat covers. They came out all stuck together and I could not pull them apart. I sent an email to customer service and they quickly responded. The owner said these could not go in the dryer. I explained that I had no idea these could not be machined dried. The washing instructions tag on the covers themselves only said no fabric softener and non chlorine bleach only. There was no mention whatsoever that these could not go in the dryer. He thanked me for my feedback and proceeded to ship me out 2 new covers. That was the correct thing to do and I really appreciated it!