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DriSeats Center Console Waterproof Covers 12" x 8"

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Color: Black
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Will XL DriSeats™ fit my seats?

XL Dri Seats have generous dimensions at 62" x 28" they are perfect for the largest seats. For the smaller cars, trucks & SUVs seats, we have our our original Dri Seats.

Measuring: If you are unsure you can measure your seats. Measure from the top of the headrest to the seat & from the back of the seat to the front. If those add up to 54" or less than the regular DriSeats will be fine. Longer than 54" we would recommend getting the XL so there is enough hang over the front of the seat.

Note: DriSeats™ do not fit bench-style seats or if your seatbelt is built into the shoulder of the seat.

Keep Your Center Console Clean

Your center console can take a lot of abuse. Sweaty arms, lotioned arms, small dirty hands, and/or large dirty paws can wreak havoc and stain your center console. Cracks scratches, rips, and tears can make your center console ugly and uncomfortable. DriSeats Waterproof Center Console Covers will install in seconds to provide protection from sweat, lotion, grease, dirty hands, and paws. Super easy to install and remove, you can leave this cover on all the time or install and remove as needed.
  • SOFT, HIGH_QUALITY MATERIALS - protects your arm & elbow from ripped, cracked, or torn center consoles.
  • WATERPROOF PROTECTION - keeps your console looking new by providing protection from sweat / dirt / sticky fingers / suntan lotion / elbow grease.
  • FITS MOST CARS & SMALL SUVS - 12 x 8 inches, about the size of a sheet of paper, DriSeats Center Console Covers are a universal fit for many cars & small to medium SUVs. The center console cover doesn't fit F150s or other large trucks and SUVs. Please measure before purchase.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - is very easy to install; there are no tools required. Two elastic straps hold your cover in place securely.
  • SOFT JERSEY MATERIAL - Soft surface to rest your arm on while keeping your car stylish and beautiful.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT DESIGN - Two flexible elastic straps and slip-resistance backing to fix it stable on the center console. Install easily without any tools.
  • 1 x Center Console Cover

NOTE: It is recommended you measure your center console before purchasing.
Color: Black

FAQs About DriSeats

Please read our frequently
asked questions
to find out more.

Will DriSeats stain or damage my seats?

Not at all!
We make our seat covers with soft materials, so they won’t
tear or scratch your seats. The DriSeat™ also has a colorless,
slip-resistant backing that will never damage your seat—no matter
your seat type.

Are they machine washable?

Yes, they are!

Machine wash cold with like colors. Hang dry.

What are DriSeats made out of?

Designed to be flexible and versatile, DriSeats™ are made
with 100% polyester—the soft material used in athletic jerseys. The
backing is completely waterproof, uses zero neoprene,
and is clear and colorless.

Can I use these with my heated seats?

Absolutely! Made of durable materials, our seat covers can take
the heat. Their non-slip backing may even gain traction when heated.
I use them with my heated seats in my car all the time.

Can they do more than just cover seats?

Certainly — turns
out the DriSeat™ isn’t a one-trick pony! We’re delighted to
hear all the innovative uses for our seat covers, including a family
that uses them at the dining room table for a couple of messy
toddlers, and a group of pioneers that started using them as
waterproof blankets at outdoor concerts and sporting events.

Do they work for pets?

Great question. You can use your DriSeat™ for pets, protecting
from scratches and bites, and keeping your car seat hair-free.

The best product for this is our DriSeats Pro because it will not move around with your pet.

Our other DriSeats will likely move around too much as your pet moves on the seat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
mark greenberg
Snd time buyer

The first dri Seat cover performs so well, I purchased a 2nd seat cover and a console cover.

Sandy Stiner
Nice but doesn’t fit great.

It is a tight fit getting it on the console of my Subaru, but I think it will work as the elastic stretches over time. I got it because my dogs are in the back seat and step on the console and their toenails put little dents in the leather. Hoping this will help protect it some. My seat covers are awesome though, Can’t say enough good things about them.

Jim Baumgartner

Adequate but not exceptional.

Nice addition!

The center console cover is a fantastic idea! It’s a nice addition to my vehicles interior. Highly recommended!

Matt Jessel
Decent Cover for Genesis GV60

This is a good cover, not a perfect fit leaving parts of the console available and has a tendency to bunch up given the way it attaches. Pretty good for the price.